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So I work at a shop that brings in kids from Germany to live and work in the states for a year. Well, one of the girls that came over on the program, Lisa, has finished her year and is done with work and all that jazz, and expressed an interest in coming to Tallahassee to see the capital and such. So, Lisa being my homegirl and all, I agree. So Friday after work we packed up in the car and took the drive to lovely Tally-town, and well... here we are.

I love Lisa to death. Keep that in mind. I've known this girl for a whole year, and seen her four out of seven days a week. We've gone out to bars, flaked off guys, and spent Christmas together. This is some pretty serious friendship here.


On the drive up, Lisa was pretty quiet, not really talking and such. Which is fine with me- I normally make the drive by myself in silence, occasionally making an ass out of myself singing a song on the radio. So she was quiet and then she slept for most of the trip, which is understandable since Germans party pretty hard, and that's exactly what she's been doing for the past week. Well today we get up and I ask her what she would like to do, and she just shrugs and says "whatever." Normally, this wouldn't bother me. When I come to town I like to relax. I chill between my mom's house and Z's house, sleep until I'm not tired anymore, eat, dick around on the internet, and occasionally make a social appearance. But Lisa wants to see the sights, do things, and basically not sit around and be lazy like I am prone to do. Well, Tallahassee has a limited amount of things to do- everything can pretty much be done in two days tops. So today we get up, go over to my mom's house, and go to Wakulla Springs, hoping to swim to beat the heat, and maybe hop on the glass bottom boat tours to see the springs and stuff.

So we get there, the glass bottom boats aren't running because the water is cloudy, and the spring is PACKED full of three groups of loud, aggressive black family reunions. So we wisely decide to hop on the regular boat tour and see if they've thinned out after. So we go on the tour, and it's pretty sweet (there were four wild manatees!) and right as we are about to dock it starts POURING. Lightning and thunder and hell raining from the sky. So we decide to head into the lodge for some ice cream to see if the rain stops, since you can't swim in the lightning.

Well, the radar says it won't thin out before the park closes, so everything shuts down and we leave. So already my plans to amuse Lisa with a lovely weekend in Tally are going wrong. We come back to my mom's place, and I ask Lisa "ok what would you like to do now? We can go see a movie, or head over to Cody's house to swim, or walk around the mall, or we can stay here and chill. What would you like to do?" She first responds with "whatever, I don't care" and I'm like... Fuck. After talking and cajoling for 20 minutes we decide to go to the mall and then go to dinner. We end up skipping the mall and going to dinner, then the bookstore, and at this point it's 10 and I declare exhaustion and we head back home.

Tomorrow we are supposed to have brunch with my grandparents and then go see the Capital and the college campus and maybe walk around downtown... Which I don't mind, I really don't. Here's my problem. Lisa doesn't really express herself and her feelings about things that we are doing. I don't know if it's because she doesn't want to offend me by saying "this is boring" or if she just genuinely doesn't care. But this makes it difficult for me, because I'm busy trying to play host and I don't want to bore her.

It just bugs me. She acts sometimes like she's having a great time, and then she just looks bored most of the time and when I ask her about it she just shrugs and brushes it off. I'm perfectly willing to go out to a bar if that's what she wants to do: I've given her options and she just remains indecisive. We will see how tomorrow goes.

And then she tells me that some of her German friends (also on the work program but for Disney instead of my store) want her to go to their weekly Monday party (Happy Monday) where everyone drinks and talks shit and gets plastered. I told her we were going to leave Tally by sunset, but it's a long drive back and Happy Monday starts at 10. We would have to leave by 4:30 or earlier just to give her enough time to get ready and get to the place and stuff... And frankly, I don't really want to have that kind of pressure. I'm already blowing off my boyfriend and friends in town to amuse her, and I don't want to cut the time short because she wants to go out with her other friends. She's not being ungrateful, I know that, it's just how she is. And it is irksome.

I think I will go to bed now, since in the past 72 hours I have gotten 8 hours of sleep, worked 20 hours, and driven for 4.

Things will be better in the morning, and if they aren't then I'll just get use the lubricating properties of alcohol to brighten my mood. Wish me luck!
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