Aug. 22nd, 2011

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Who's excited about Dragon*Con?

I'm excited about Dragon*Con!

My Cruella costume came in today, and I totally rock it. I'm a bit curvier than Cruella is generally depicted (Disney would agree) but I can't wait anyway. It's gonna be friggin AWESOME. Now I just have to find a purse (preferably dalmatian-print)and perhaps a stuffed puppy that I can throttle randomly throughout the day, and we will be all set!

In other news, work can still blow me. They're moving me to a smaller store "on a 6-week trial period" before they give me the title "Leader in training" (which comes with a pay raise, whoo!) which I think is crap because I've been training for the leadership position for almost 6 weeks now... But... what the fuck ever. They're just doing this because of my age I know. That pisses me off, but I'll play along for now.

So Chad has been... very ambitious with his costume idea this year. He's making some steampunk arm, and he has less than two weeks to finish it. He's so far made the forearm piece, bicep piece... And he still has to make the shoulder piece, cannons, and add all the accessories (gears, plates, etc.) And he has to work straight through until Dragon*Con- kinda like me!

So... Yea...

What to do with the remainder of my last day off? I will probably go to to Books-A-Million, spend my last twenty bucks on books. Why not, right?


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