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Things that have provided stress in my life for the past few days:

-moving to a new work location and learning how things work there
- not being able to make changes at said work location
- being jerked around by the GM of my company as to my status in the company
- staving off the attentions of a too-friendly co-worker
- working 9 days in a row to make sure I get my days off for D*Con- tomorrow is day 8

-my mother having a surgical procedure done (it went fine but still)

-getting little to no sleep, and when I do sleep it's not very well
- being exhausted from this lack of sleep, yet still having to function at work and irl

-keeping the peace with the roommates
- Michael wants to kill Chad
- Connor wants to move out because of Chad
- I want to throttle them all

-Mother Nature is a lying whore


This point will need to be elaborated in paragraph form here, just so that I have a chance to rant. Please be warned- this is whiny and angsty and I AM NOT CUTTING IT.

Chad is pissing me off. Not only is he waaay too ambitious with his costume idea this year, he's only just now realizing it and has come whining to me for the past week to try and help him or at least give him some new ideas. I haven't offered my help, but since he did ask I gave him some ideas (which he ended up using) about the assembly, structural integrity, and visual color scheme appeal for his steampunk arm. Aside from the fact that he has chosen for the past two weeks to assemble this project completely ON THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR despite several comments from everyone else who pays to live here that he move it, he continues to work there. Plus he's been cutting metal strips and the little shards have ended up in the carpet and gashed my (and Michael's) foot open. I was NOT pleased. He tried to talk me into helping him assemble it- and I told him no. I told him I would give my advice and MAYBE offer some ideas on where to put the aesthetic parts, but I was staying out of it.

I literally cannot escape him. I love the kid to death, we are not joined at the hip. I tried to have dinner without him one day and he showed up anyway. I'm like... fuck. Seriously the only solitude I get is when I'm sleeping- even when I'm locked in my room he comes and knocks on my door or bothers me. I'm like- I NEED SOME SPACE.

Then today he calls me while I'm at work to talk to me about D*Con and I'm like, "please don't call me with personal stuff at work, ok?" So he gets pissy and hangs up and not an hour later he calls again, this time to tell me that Rie is pissed at him and yada yada. I'm like... Seriously?

Rie has been my friend for YEARS and years and years. Dragon*Con has kind of become the time to catch up and hang out with her and the like, and her sister goes with her and hangs out with us and all that jazz. Well her sister just moved to Orlando for school and Rie had asked if we could bring her up to Tally and then Atlanta. I had told her that I was leaving Orlando on Thursday afternoon, and if Liz wanted to she could join me up. But she has class until Friday at 12:30 and I frankly didn't want to wait that long. So she figured she would ask Chad to take her, since she assumed Chad and I were driving separately. Originally we were, but the plan changed, and he hadn't told Rie. So Liz asks if we can take her and I was waiting to respond until I talked to Rie, which I was going to do after work since I worked 8:30 - 7 today. Chad had asked me earlier about it and I told him that I was handling it. So while I was at work he calls Rie and basically tells her that we can't take Liz and such and then proceeds to piss her off.


For the Con, I booked a room in one of the host hotels- the Peachtree. I had originally booked the hotel thinking that myself, my mom, Chad, and Z would stay in it. I paid for the first night, my mom offered to pay for the second, and I was going to pay for the third and ask Chad for a contribution towards that night. I know Z makes shit money working for the school, and most of her pay is in the form of board, which is way more important. I knew she'd repay me in sexual favors or dinner or... something. Like she always does. :P Well apparently sir Chad thought that I wanted him and Z to split the cost of the 3rd night, and he told Z that she had to come up with half of it.


So I call Rie to assess the damage, and find out she's pissed at Chad because he tried to stay with her because she wasn't going to ask him for any money, and on top of that he pissed her off by jumping all over her about bringing Liz up and the like... She told me all this (stuff that Chad had conveniently forgotten to mention) and I was pretty pissed. Like... super pissed. Chad still has YET to mention anything to me.

So now Z's talking about staying with Rie, which is cool- I get that- even though it was a bitch to stay with Liz last year. Honestly though, if I hadn't already made plans with Chad about the driving and hotel, I would tell him to go fuck himself and find his own way for the way he has been acting the past two weeks. I choose Z over him any day of the week. Hell, I might stay with Rie for a night just to get away from him... I would if I didn't have to drive back to Orlando with him and then continue to live with him for 8 more months. Q_Q I'm not quite ready to burn that bridge...

Is it bad that I'm kind of hoping he breaks his lease and gets the fuck out? I like him as a friend but can't stand spending every damn day with him. He's too fucking needy. If I wanted a girlfriend, I'd go get one. Yeesh.

Ok. Feel a little better now... But only marginally. I'm out of Midol and there's no chocolate in the house, and I locked myself in my room so that I don't chew my roommate's heads off. It's been a while (A LOT OF MONTHS!) since Mother Nature has been a bitch to me, so they haven't had to deal with me being a total bipolar fire-breathing neck-snapping psycho-bitch.

I'm gonna see if my emergency stash of chocolate and cigarettes is still under the bathroom sink in the empty body salts jar. Wish me luck.

on 2011-08-30 07:09 am (UTC)
zfreelance: (BEAR HUG)
Posted by [personal profile] zfreelance
Babe, I will so crash with you if you need backup. WE BITCHES STICK TOGETHER. And sexy tiems are SO on the menu, you have NO IDEA. (unless you read as much porn as I do. In which case, you may have a pretty good idea...)

And I will help you hide the body, if it comes to that.

Wish I could send Midol, but this is all I got:

Also, wizards?


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